The Overview

This project began with a challenge from the client to create a look and feel for the event that was very different from what their attendees had experienced in the past.  A new Marketing and Communications team was in place, and they wanted to make a big splash at their first sales kickoff meeting.

The Process

After meeting with the marketing team, the concept of a projection mapped “mosaic” came to mind almost immediately.  After several concepts and designs, I landed on the idea of an asymmetrical, projection mapped set with vertical and horizontal screens. I then created a basic rendering of the concept and worked with my video team to produce a video rendering to help the client visualize the screen utilization.  The marketing department had not yet developed a theme for the event so I came up with a temporary theme of “Spark” to present the idea.

J2063 Render v4.10.2_hc
General Session Rendering
J2063 Render v4.10.2_awards
Awards Rendering
J2063 Render v4.10_otn
Evening Party Rendering

And here is the rendering with video.

I presented the design to the client during a site visit, and it was immediately approved. I’m not sure that would have happened without all of the visualizations I provided. Those tools really helped sell the concept.

The next step was to come up with an overall rigging, lighting and AV system design so I began the process where I always do, with drawings.

I had already confirmed that we could execute the projection design in this room, but that was only one facet of this 3 day program. I developed a unique seating and stage configuration to promote an intimate feel along with a lighting design that provided the ability to change the feel of the room for each portion of the event with a little eye candy for the awards reception and final evening party with a live band.

Ciena Drawing
CAD Plan Drawing
J2063 Ciena SKO v17_award_xrcp
Awards Reception Floor Plan

The next step was to get on the same page as the graphic design team.  

For this program the client contracted their own graphic designer to produce all visuals for the primary presenters.  This designer, while truly talented, was only accustomed to working in PowerPoint on typical format screens so as you can imagine he was caught a little off guard by my design, but once I explained my ideas and the process of how we would get his visuals to screen, he was all in.

The next step was to create a detailed pixel map of all the screens and export a PowerPoint template for the graphic designer.  Then after he created all of his looks, we would take his vector based assets and create video files with After Effects so the media servers could map and play back the files as high resolution videos.

OK, I know I’m nerding out a little with that last paragraph, but there are some people out there who actually want that kind of detail. Below is the pixel map I created for this configuration.

Ciena Screen Config
Pixel Mapping Template for Content Development and Media Servers

Here are a few pictures of the screens in action.

Mosaic Look #1
Water Pano v2
Mosaic Look #2
Mosaic Look #3
After Party with Band

Here is a quick video with some shots highlighting screen utilization.

The Summary

In the end, we accomplished a successful design and execution of this event which included general sessions, an awards banquet, after party, 6 breakout rooms and various ancillary meetings and receptions.

I cannot lie and say that there were no bumps along the way (there were plenty), but any time you push the envelope of design and ask a team to step outside of their comfort zone, you will encounter challenges and obstacles that must be overcome.  We did that, and everyone involved benefited for going through the process.  Most of all, we provided the client with an elevated experience thanks to the little push they gave me in the beginning to feel free to do something unconventional.

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